Next Level Baseball

Baseball Lessons in Orange County

2872 Walnut Ave Unit D Tustin, CA 92780.                     (714) 721-1653

Advanced Hitting and Fielding

Speed and Agility Lessons Available


*  Swing analysis
*  Develop a solid base, learn to use legs and hips to increase power
*  Increase bat speed
*  Learn to hit to all fields
*  Learn the proper bat path
*  Develop plate discipline
*  Learn the mental part of hitting
*  Gain confidence at he plate


*  Develop the proper mechanics to field, catch and throw
*  Learn proper footwork
* Develop proper throwing angles
* Turn double plays quicker
* Position specific drips (middle infielders, corners, catchers

   and outfielders)

Speed and Agility Training

*  Strengthen your lower half to hit for more power

*  Increase core strength to stay through the ball

*  Develop a quick first step and great footwork

*  Increase your speed and overall athletic ability

*  Gain more range defensively